Comfort Touch  


Comfort Touch is a wonderfully soothing style of massage providing comfort through techniques that promote deep relaxation and relief from pain. More importantly, Comfort Touch acts on the nervous system in such a way that it causes deep relaxation by sedating the nervous system. This also accounts for its effectiveness in relieving pain. These movements give special consideration to your physical and emotional needs and are incredibly beneficial if your skin structure or the particular stage of your illness may not be conducive to the gentle Oncology massage movements that I perform.  



Comfort Touch is a valuable aspect of complementary health care that can be used safely and effectively in a wide variety of settings, including hospitals, hospices and at home and as no special equipment is needed, can be performed if you are in a wheelchair, in a hospital bed, a regular bed or a chair. 


As Comfort Touch does not require the use of oil or lotion, I can work with you if you are fully clothed, using pillows and towels to help support you in a position where you are safe and comfortable.

" Comfort Touch is a much-needed healing balm for a world filled with pain and suffering. The intentions and attitudes of comfort and respect become a way of interacting with others, whether through physical touch, a caring presence or a conversation with a friend. While it can be used to ease the physical and emotional pains of the elderly and those in medical settings, it can also enhance the quality of life for anyone in need of a caring touch."


Mary Kathleen Rose

Lymphoedema Support

If you are anxious about developing lymphoedema following treatment for cancer or are looking for treatment to support a diagnosis of lymphoedema, please contact me via my website: