Treatment Prices

Clinic Appointments
Please allow 1 hour for your initial consultation and first treatment so that we can discuss your details and create a treatment plan that you are completely comfortable with.
Initial Consultation:
  • 60 minutes ~ £40
Subsequent appointments:
  • 30 minute treatment ~ £20 
  • 45 minute treatment ~ £30 
  • 60 minute treatment ~ £40
The cost of your treatment may be covered by your Health Insurer under 'Complimentary Practitioner Fees' up to a certain limit per year or a certain number of sessions. Please contact your insurer to confirm if this is possible. The insurer can then be either invoiced directly or an invoice can be sent to the client and then reimbursed by the insurer.
Home Visits
Home visits may be possible in some difficult or perhaps palliative circumstances. Please contact me to discuss your situation in more detail. 

Carers - As a caregiver, you do an amazing job and sometimes you need to take a few moments for yourself to maintain the strength required to support those in need.


If you would like to have a massage, I can either see you separately at your home, or at the home of the person you are caring for if you would both like to receive treatments.

For all home visits, an additional charge would be incurred to cover travel costs. 



Payment:  Cash, Debit or Credit cards are accepted.