'My Husband was diagnosed with stage IV Pancreatic cancer and secondary liver cancer and we found Donna by chance when searching the Web and what a find...

We both look forward to our weekly massages for different reasons. My husband benefits from the gentle massage, it improves mood and induces relaxation ( so much that we do absolutely nothing after the massage); this in turn improves his sleep. For me Donna’s caring nature and approach has added to the weekly massage experience. I’m sure the massages help me as a carer, to relax and soothes the stresses of the situation, with her knowledge sharing on the subject of cancer and being qualified in oncology massage it has given my family great trust and faith in her ability. We can all thoroughly recommend this complementary therapy.'

Deb & Phil Morgan ~ Bristol

' Donna came to me highly recommended from an acquaintance recovering from Breast Cancer, who found the massage a great help towards her well being and diminishing her stress. I have Polycythaemia Vera a rare Myeloproliferative Neoplasm. A malignant form of blood cancer treated with Hydroxycarbamide, this and the PV together cause extreme fatigue, bone and muscle pain, breathlessness, weakness of limbs and depression. Having Donna, her excellent relaxing massage, her gentle, caring and calm approach to easing my debilitating illness, has made a huge difference to me, lifting my spirits, which is so important to help a chronic disease.

I highly recommend her expertise for any one suffering from Cancer. '
Sally A Rutherford ~ France


' I was so lucky, living in this sparsely populated area of France, to find Donna who, at that time was studying for her exams.

I had just finished chemotherapy for breast cancer, had surgery and was starting radiotherapy. I shared my experiences with her and she passed on her knowledge to me. She gave me so much advice and help along with several wonderful massages.

I shall miss her calm presence and amazing desire to learn everything possible relating to cancer, all the various treatments and the problems that come with the whole experience.

Anyone who is treated by Donna will feel better just by meeting and talking with her.'

Pamela Beazeley ~ Bazens, France


' We would like to express our great gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful relaxing massages you gave us when we visited France. You always succeeded in giving us a great feeling of well being after every massage. You are not only a very nice lady but also very caring. We will miss you very much. We are sure you will enjoy your new life in Britain.
Hoping to meet you once again, we wish you all the best.

Inge & Rony Vancoillie ~ Belgium


' I’ve always found our sessions so therapeutic and relaxing, and the massage treatments on my frozen shoulder certainly helped with relieving the pain and keeping the joint open and fairly supple.  You have ‘healing hands’ and an instinct to know where to knead, where to press, to give maximum benefit in the massage.  I’ve always come away from our sessions feeling both relaxed and refreshed and have felt the benefit for days afterwards. '

Sandy Hewlett ~ France

' J’ai fait la connaissance de Donna à mon club de golf où elle exerçait son métier de masseuse.
De suite après un massage complet de tout le corps, j’ai apprécié son professionnalisme. J’ai ressenti
un bien être immédiat. Son soin complet du visage est aussi agréable qu’efficace. Elle a des doigts de fée.
Après ma fracture de la rotule du genou droit ses massages m’ont permis de remuscler mon genou.
Conclusion : C’est un excellente masseuse.
' I met Donna at my golf club where she was working as a masseuse.
I appreciated instantly her professionalism after a full body massage. I had an immediate feeling
of well-being. Her facial treatment was also as pleasant as it was efficient. She has talented hands.
After fracturing my right kneecap her massages enabled me to restore use of my knee muscles.
Conclusion : She is an excellent masseuse

Yvette Laissus ~ France