Be Informed


Is Oncology Massage safe?


Yes, when performed by a therapist that is experienced in treating clients with cancer and is registered and insured to do so.


Cancer is an accumulation of genetic mutations resulting from the presence of a very specific set of factors that cannot be affected by manual manipulation of tissues.


Cancer and its treatment affects every person differently. All of the body’s systems are involved in fighting the disease and in making the most of the various courses of treatment. My training and experience in oncology massage has provided me with a working knowledge of cancer and its effects on the body, what treatments are available, how those treatments can affect an individual and the ways in which I can adapt massage therapy to lessen symptoms, decrease pain and anxiety and improve quality of life.



What about during my cancer treatment?


If you have just received a chemotherapy treatment prior to your massage appointment, our session may involve very slow, full strokes intended to support your body’s efforts to properly and effectively maximise the chemotherapeutic agents without overburdening the system.


If you underwent a mastectomy two months ago and are struggling with range of motion issues or flexibility, I may do some work to soften and mobilise the tissue around your surgical site, whilst making appropriate adjustments for lymphoedema risk or other post-surgical concerns.


If you are 5 years cancer-free, but have had lymph nodes removed or radiated during your treatment, the massage may feel very similar to massages you may have had before, but with specific care taken to avoid overburdening the lymphatic system in the area that was treated.


There is always some form of massage that I can offer to support you

along your journey through cancer treatment and recovery.